Repo: The Genetic Opera

Let me say that I had high hopes for Repo: The Genetic Opera. I am not afraid of musicals, I love gothic themes, and it seemed to be right on track for instant cult classic. Unfortunately, the seemingly endless bad writing is only sparsely sprinkled with some memorable gems. And although the graphic goriness isn’t my cup of tea, I stomached it hoping for some sense of story that wasn’t as shallow as the Saw series who shares in having the same producer.

Sarah Brightman in Repo: The Genetic Opera

One of the few memorable scenes involved the movie’s narrator/grave robber (Terrance Zdunich), Paris Hilton’s character Amber Sweet, and the innocent Shilo Wallace played by Alexa Vega in which the grave robber was sharing his recently acquired drugs that he extracted from the dead.

Other pluses were seeing Sarah Brightman and her generally sexy appearance. I get excited by her general push to introduce her style of music to typically non-operatic venues. There were a couple other tiny moments I enjoyed like some of the post apocalyptic world themes, some of the visuals, and costume design. Even the general premise was fairly interesting.

I really wanted to like the movie.

The lyrics and writing were so bad that they were funny in certain moments; fairly cheesy at times. For example, the grave robber would come and sing/speak his lines which were horrible attempts at rhyming. After the first few appearances you expected the poor lyricism.

The producer seemed to be so bent on pushing his version of gore and horror on the audience that it became annoying. Yes, I get that he made the Saw series. That series’ contains a great percentage of horrible writing, plot-less and disjointed scenes, and generally a complete waste of time. Did he have to contaminate what could potentially been genius focusing on appearance?

Anyway, if I had to rate this I would give it two out of five. Four out of ten. Rent it if you still think it’s worthwhile. It’s not in theaters but had I seen it during that time I would suggest skipping it. Would I ever own it? I would probably get it if it was in the discount bin at Walmart. Why? Because you’re looking at the guy that owns memorables like Barb Wire.

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