Replacing the Old

I’ve finally gotten around (money wise) to replace the headlight shrouds on my car. The plastic had gotten so dinged, scratched, faded, and sun hazed that the lenses were diffusing the light rather than projecting them onto the road in front of me. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for some time. I ordered the OEM parts from which is an excellent site… if you own a Mustang.

I’ve done a preliminary adjustment of the beams but I need actually take the time to do it properly.

The car is also ripe for a new set of tires. I’ve found the original “Toyo Proxes 4″ tires that came with the wheels for $184.00 piece at Les Schwab. I have been driving with those for a while and they’ve performed well but I am considering switching to Yokohama from Discount tire. They’re $133.00 a tire and with my recent happiness with that brand on the Element they seem worthwhile of the ‘Stang. The big moment here was discovering how expensive tires are.

I finally got around to putting the subs into the car. The capacitor and amplifier sit nicely on the back of the rear seat. The enclosure (from Zenclosures) fits nicely and the two woofers sound great. I don’t even notice I am missing the third which now sits on the top shelf of my closet as a spare. I’ve tried selling the woofer box on Craigslist but haven’t had any interested parties. I paid $150 for it and have offered it for $75 but I have been very willing to negotiate. I am tired of it sitting in my office!

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