People Wanting To Be Sheep

We are the only ones who know what is good for the country, and we are the only ones who can do anything about it.
— Joseph G. Deegan FBI Special Agent, 1977

And there you have it! The sheep are too stupid to shepherd themselves. This was said in 1977. More on Waco and Ruby Ridge here. Yes those ignorant and sleepy people. Obsessed with their giant SUVs, babbling about this or that and the next big thing. As long as they are screwing someone, doing whatever to keep themselves happy, keep that wool drawn over their eyes. I am simply asking that people be aware of government activites and gross neglagence. We shouldn’t let our servants rule us.

In a recent article, an anti-gun campaign official made an interesting comment:

They?re (the FBI) violating the existing law, and I?m sure glad they?re doing so.
— Peter Hamm Brady Campaign

So wait, the government is excused from obeying laws but the sheep are not? Whoa, wait a second. Sir, do you realize how dangerous such an attitude is? You are only safe because you encourage their agenda. Its never a argument of who keeps the government in check. Its always some emotionalism that is completely irrational. Yes, 5 people died because some whack-o decides to kill everyone he sees. The question is “Why did he do this? What has changed in our society to encourage such events?” and should never, ever be “What laws should we pass to make us look good?” or “See, the government will arrive after everyone is dead! They are here to protect the dead! Give up your guns! Make your place of employment and schools free kill zones!” I hope you got that sarcasm. People are willing to sacrifice a lot for everyone else to accomplish little for themselves.

I guess I am just ranting. I pose these questions rhetorically. Check out EFF about to read more about government freedom reducing legislation. Also check out some commentary about the Patriot Act and how you will qualify as a deportable “terrorist”. Also, check out info about Executive Orders which have at times resembled mandates from a dictator.

I suppose there is plenty of information regarding all these issues on the Internet. Its just a matter of filtering and deciding what is true and what may be false. Perversions to the Constitution are happening. We need to defend it.

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