Oktoberfest 2009

This weekend we went to Oktoberfest at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. It was a bit loud and difficult with two little kids with us but I ended up getting a lot of beer. It was very expensive. I bought a giant mug there which hold about nine beers (maybe more) which I filled with beer three times. The food was amazingly overpriced as well. In the end, however, we had a good time. I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself.

The two things I remember was the music. It was loud German polka. I remember that they played a song I remember my father and his friends singing loudly at a BBQ in Europe. Of course, this version was in German, but it was good to hear that familiar melody.

The second was the less popular Scandinavian festival in the building next door. There was a guy selling cheese there. I was at two giant mugs by the point and could barely focus on the guy but he let me try three cheeses all of which were pretty bad. Kudos to him for having a farm and making homemade cheese. It was just really moldy. Perhaps I just don’t appreciate that kind of cheese.

Once we got back to the main event I remember getting another mug. I also vaguely remember checking out some of the M?dchen and saying some embarrassing things in front of my in-laws and wife. After that I think I stumbled around a McDonald’s waiting for Crystal to get through a drive through.

All in all, good times.

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