New Computer Plans

I’m planning on replacing my current computer. For reference check out my previous plans for upgrade. It seems the costs related to building computers has come down. I can build a pretty darn good AMD Phenom II Quad system for about $8-900 or Intel i7 Quad system for about $12-1300 on Newegg. I’ll be recycling my case, CD drive, monitor, and peripherals.

Anyway, I am leaning towards an AMD based computer to save on cost. With AMD’s constant socket juggling it is awfully temping to finally make the switch to Intel and it’s i7 series chips.

Not sure. I don’t need to have the greatest computer on the planet. My last machine, however, was purchased on the eve of the AM2 socket announcement which made upgrading it very difficult. I think about somewhat future proofing my computer but I think it’s a hopeless cause. If I choose Intel, though, at least the i7 is so new that it’ll be around for the next years like the previous LGA 775 socket which means when my CPU starts to age I should be able to upgrade it.

I am very excited to use Windows 7. I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of good things.

AMD… Intel… underdog… processor champion… hmmm…

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