Must… Own… Now…

Posting pics isn’t enough. I ran accross this little gem, Dave Smith Instrument’s Mopho and I am totally hooked. I am also salivating over a Tetr4 but it costs twice as much as the Mopho. Here’s review of the Mopho.

So what is so exciting? True analog sound in a small box without spending thousands on Moogs or similar. I am excited. My only gripe is that it is monophonic. Also in the running are the Waldorf Blofeld and Virus T1 Snow.

Oh man, they call it “gear lust”. What I really want now is a Moog Little Phatty.

Oh, this weekend I am going camping with Nate to Lake Ozette. We’re hoping to get some fishing in. I am totally stoked to get some fresh air, quiet, and camaraderie.

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