Messy and Funny Kids… and…

Helen loves to make a mess of her food. It can be fun to watch until you realize that all that spaghetti on the floor is going to require a steam cleaner and some powerful solvents. Her personality is filling in. She’ll sit there and growl in the car and laugh and smile as we growl back at her. She isn’t talking yet but she definitely understands what we’re saying to her. “Helen, go get your shoes” and she’ll come back with a shoe. “Go get your other shoe” and she’ll go get the matching shoe. Things like that.

She’s teething and another tooth has finally made its way into her jaw. Poor baby I can’t imagine (and luckily remember) the pain! Her personality is so cute and I am going to struggle not doing everything and anything my little girl wants!

Henry is funny, curious, excitable, and wonderful. He loves trains. I know, I know… where does he get that? :) He eats at the table and gets upset when he makes a mess. He loves to do things on his own but will ask for help if a few attempts fail. He constantly asks if eating something will make him bigger. What an opportunity to encourage healthy eating!

Henry is a good boy who is sometimes a little defiant. It’s normal at this age. Most of the time he obeys but if ever there is trouble just kneel to his level and explain the situation. He’ll understand.

I wanted to mention that the Element has been a great car when you have one kid. Two has its inconvenient moment because it only seats four. Yep, it’s a fairly large vehicle to only seat four. Anytime we want to give someone a ride or take nanna with us; we can’t (or shouldn’t). So what are we going to do now that we need five seats for our family? I am probably going to have to fix up the ol’ Mercedes. It will seat five comfortably. With gas mileage being horrible it’ll be our weekend excursion car. Now where did I set that repair manual?

Yes, you read that right. I didn’t believe it at first but it is true. Yep, we’ve done it again. Them little swimmers are potent! We’re super excited, a little scared, and looking forward to having our third child. Henry is already talking about wanting all the babies and how he wants a baby brother. It’s so awesome to have a growing family.

So, yeah. A crazy month.

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