Making Music on the Sounder

While I am packing my giant laptop onto the commuter train and I’ve pretty much exhausted everything except trolling Facebook and reading some books, I really want to start making music on the commuter train. In steps the Akai LPK25:

Akai LPK25

I was making music on the ferries using the M-Audio Oxygen v2 while we were living in Bremerton and I was riding the ferry/bus to Bellevue but the tables on the ferries were considerably larger.

This is also much lighter and although the keys are considerably smaller, they still have good synth action. I’ve also been considering the even lighter Korg Nano series but I’ve read some disappointing reviews about them.

Ideally, I want to check both out and actually give them a try. It’s going to be sweet to set up and have a couple hours a day to work on my music.

I guess what got me thinking about this is that I was actually making some pretty good music on the ferry. Tracks titled Ferry Time, Wade Through Filth, Macht Arbeit, and Sunrise. Good times.

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