Fried Chicken Round Up

I am on a quest to find delicious food. Here is my round up for one of my favorites: fried chicken.

  1. Popeye’s – Crispy, tasty, and lots of yummy sides. This one takes the throne for now.
  2. Ezell’s – Similar to KFC’s Original Recipe texture but slightly crispier and less greasy, it tastes like something my grandma would cook had I had a grandma from the South.
  3. Kentucky Fried Chicken – When it’s fresh Original Recipe is actually pretty good. The sides are pretty yummy.
  4. Church’s – I compared this to a cross between KFC and Popeye’s not shining in either’s pluses. The sides are tiny and fairly mundane.
  5. Albertson’s Deli Fried Chicken – You’ve got a hankerin’ or are broke; this will probably satisfy.
  6. Frozen fried chicken in a box – The delis are all closed and no restaurants are open. It’s hard to cook this stuff to be tasty. Have plenty of hot sauce on hand.
  7. Fried chicken at X buffet – Just skip it. It’s bad enough you’re eating at a buffet.

Apparently Oprah used to have Ezell’s flown to her in Chicago. I like KFC’s and Popeye’s hot sauce and have yet to find a suitable alternative in a bottle I can find at the grocery store.

There’s a place in Tacoma that sells fried chicken I’ll have to check out. Anyway, this is definitely not something I can eat more than once a month.

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