Equipment Headway

I like Zzounds more with every purchase I make. They’ve got free shipping on most orders over a certain amount and they price match. I found AKG 271 MkII headphones used for recording and mixing by the pros for a much better price on Amazon from some unknown retailer. Also, I found the headphone amp for about $10 less. Anyway, Zzounds matched the prices so I didn’t have to gripe about buying it from some potentially shady seller or paying more to have piece of mind.

I’d like to be able to start recording with Crystal so this is the first part of that goal. Soon will be a new microphone (I think I’ll do the RØDE NT2-A), pop filter, and shock mount.

The music in the following video is fairly formulaic for trance but it’s a fantastic find since it, well, combines trance music and a rubber clad performer calling herself Rubberdoll. The song is Markus Schulz – Do You Dream.

Anyway, I might want to slow down with my posting! I have 2 hours a day of commuting on a train with wi-fi, whaddaya expect?! :)

I will hold back on the new mic until we get some tracks down. In the mean time I can use my Behringer B2-Pro. I’d rather fill out some more hard ware to get inspired by.

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