Our lease is going to be expiring in September and we are trying to decide what to do about where we’re living. We’ve looked all around the Sound and prices are best at the ends of a manageable commute. More than an hour and fifteen and I start getting grumpier than usual. On Sunday we took a drive down Ruston Way past the old copper smelter and checked out some nice houses. Holy crap are things expensive. Wasn’t there supposed to be some sort of housing bubble burst?

So the idea of staying here has set in. The rent is reasonable (for the area) and if we stick it through we can put a good sized down payment on a nice house somewhere where we want to live soon. My mom and dad offered me their house but I wasn’t sure what that meant and I felt awkward asking. Anyway, I figure in four years time we will be in a place where we can buy a house. That is a long time. I’ll be in my mid thirties. If we do the usual and do a 30-year mortgage, I’ll be 65 when it gets paid off. If houses appreciate over that sort of time span at what, 8%, will it be worth owning a home just to eventually die? I am saving up to die comfortably?

This last week was a tad stressful but fun, interesting, and challenging so I really enjoyed myself taking on a couple caps at work. I was somewhat of a “release manager” and played a minor lead role working with my team to finish and deploy a major rework of large sections of our website. I take no credit in terms of what was accomplished but it was an honor to be able to help steer and help maintain sanity. In the end we did not get to push out our work until today (fingers crossed) but that’s ok. We’d rather push something that’s solid.

I’m considering getting a small laptop at Costco. Something like an Acer with a 10 or 11″ monitor. I’m lugging around my 17″ and although it’s nice for screen size it’s very heavy. I’m very reluctant to spend the money. Once I get to a place where money has been tight for as long as it’s been anything I’ve saved up is extremely hard to spend.

Oh, and we’re looking at fixing the old Mercedes. We want something that seats more but don’t want to get stuck in another car loan. I figure the big car will be our Sunday or weekend car and during the week Crystal can keep driving the Element. Now I just need to figure out how to increase gas mileage from 9 MPG.

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