Blitzkrieg: Italian Style

I am sipping on a mocha right now which I paid $3.65. It’s so expensive I won’t be doing it often but it’s a nice treat. I used to get hot chocolates because I hate the taste of coffee but recently I hate some of that Kirkland Signature stuff at Nate’s and it’s bearable. A mocha is like a hot chocolate with the benefits of coffee with half the nasty taste of regular coffee. I am not sure why I hate the taste of coffee so much but here’s to getting over that.


I have been playing a couple games recently. The first is Hearts of Iron III. This game, now that patch 1.2 is out, is quite simply awesome. I have been playing as the Italians on my commute home from work and have really enjoyed because able to replay history during World War II as a nation which I traditionally do not play. I admit I have it set to easy right now but we’ll see how it goes. My conquest of Yugoslavia has just begun!

Also in the mix is Champions Online. I have been playing this late at night after the kids go to bed. Now mind you I haven’t been all fun and games but every few nights I log on and run around pwning nubs and getting pwned myself by the baddies. The character creation and quests are leaps and bounds over City of Heroes.

I got my Comcast bill last night and found we had ordered about $40 of on demand last month. Soooo… that’s going to stop immediately. I am going to sign up for Netflix and do the Xbox 360 integration so we can download the movies as we decide we want to watch them. I feel silly for not having done this sooner but it’s gotta happen.

This will indubitably put more stress on my 360 which has already “red ringed” on me a few times. I need to add some exhaust fans to my entertainment center but eventually I actually hope it dies so I can replace it with an Elite. My first generation console has a 20 GB hard drive which gets quite annoying to have to shuffle disc space and worry about the “red ring” since I hear they’ve addressed the sloppy soldering that detached the heat sink when the processor/chip set got too hot.

Today after work I might be taking Henry on another ride home on the train. He’s a lot of fun. He’s recently gotten to an age where everything scares him. Helen has 8 of her many teeth in. Ever couple weeks or so another comes in and Crystal has a really bad night’s rest.

Tomorrow I ride to and from work with Nate. I am extremely excited about that.

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