Riding Like a Kid

Today I switched cars on the Sounder train. For the last few months I’ve been riding the 406 (since the 4-, 3-, and 1- series have wifi). They took that car out for maintenance so I moved up to the next available one. However, I wanted to check out the lead car so I love up to the very front of the train.

Since the locomotive is on the rear of the train for my ride to work, the view brought back powerful memories watching it creep along the line down from the Tacoma station to the main line. In Chicago my parents would always take us to the front of the “El” so we’d stand in the very front and pretend we’re driving.

I had a pleasant chat with the security guard and had a chance to see the engineer’s booth. It’s quite small but drew a smile when I saw the Tupperware container of fruit on the window sill.

I sat in front until we reached Puyallup Station. All the reasons for slowing down, the horn; they became apparent. Sitting in a car halfway through the train you don’t get to see everything. I am scheming on how I can bring Henry along. I’ve been struggling balancing my time between myself and giving the kids the proper attention they deserve.

Crystal has been really sick with bouts of nausea sometimes in half seriousness – half jokingly blaming me. I feel terrible for her. I’ve really tried hard to pick up what she can’t handle around the house.

I leave for work actually pretty excited. I am working on coding and making work my huge “Membership Refactor” project by basically creating a way for the business team and potentially customers to be able to quickly and easily create packages and combination of packages to sell. I started to test the most elemental parts of the project. Create a valid object, add some more valid child objects to it, and then save the entire thing to a database.

I feel the same way when I leave work. I get excited that I get to see my family, play with my children, and eat some home cooked food.

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