Tired and Down

I’m feeling really tired but worse, I am feeling a bit down. I’ll feel better this weekend when I get to spend some time with the kids and working on some music. I should have had breakfast this morning. I am feeling famished.

My mom came over last night for some apple crisp and tea. It was nice to visit. She’s been in a reminiscent mood lately where she will talk about all her cousins and uncles. It’s fascinating to hear about the family, the after effects of the War, and how things change.

I have this odd feeling like with every child that I bring into the world I have let down the previous one. I am not sure how or what to make of this feeling, but it’s eating at me. I would like more children as I feel it is my duty to train intelligent future members of society who aren’t hypocritical, self-righteous hippies that are responsible for their actions.

Yesterday is rained. It was actually a grand downpour with thunder and lightning. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had to walk in it and am glad my backpack is mostly water proof.

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