Oh man, I am ready for the weekend. Mostly because the last few weekends have been busy… and so will this one. Tomorrow morning I’d like to get up early and help my dad install a few light fixtures and a ceiling fan. I’ve mentioned to folks this feeling but recently I had the “my dad isn’t superman” moment. I suppose we all have those moments at various ages… but I was helping him put together a shelf and he was tightening some screws. He was sort of exerting himself and asked me to finish it off. I was griping in my mind. “If he’s having trouble with it…” type thing. I put the screwdriver head into the top of the screw and it turned. Had his hand start to hurt? Was this really too hard to drive in? My mind swirled as I realized that his powerful image I had grown up with flickered in my mind.

I drove home with tears in the corners of my eyes. Mortality had reminded me of its presence.

After I get done with helping my folks with the lights I’m going to sneak a quick trip to Fry’s to pick up a new power supply and IDE cable for my brother-in-law. His old computer needed to have 90% of it’s parts replaced so why stop there? Anyway, I figure if I pick up a PSU and cable for less than $50 including tax I’ll be very happy.

After that Crystal and I will be driving down to Aberdeen to visit some friends.

I’m feeling slightly ashamed of feeling that I’ll probably end up paying someone to install the components to my car stereo. I guess I’m at a point I’d rather pay someone to remove all the seats and carpeting to run cables and put things in their place. Interestingly, having a family makes you prioritize your time.

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