Sounder Wi-fi: Poor First Impression

I brought my laptop with me in hopes to be able to do some browsing, reading, and writing before I get to work. I plug my laptop in, find the network which is very strong, and connect. And now I sit here on a supposed 11 Mbps connection having a horrible time getting to load. So much for wi-fi on the commuter train.

Maybe I missed some key detail about the wireless service. Like… setting up some sort of proxy. I actually fully expected to have to pay for a service like this. The fact that it’s free was initially wonderful. Now, sadly, I lack “paying customer” leverage.

Anyway, it’s been half the ride from Tacoma to Seattle. We just left the station in Kent and suddenly my pages are loading. A few minutes later and they are failing to load. What crap. My guess is some asshole is downloading something and ruining it for the rest of us. Or maybe the service is really this shitty.

Around me the train is actually filled up. I am glad folks are utilizing what is in my opinion one of the best commuting options on land.

I worked a little on my music last night mostly just loading and listening to cuts I’ve started. I want to actually finish a set of songs and put them together as an album or something. One problem I have is that my styles vary so much. Sometimes it’s orchestral, add some Middle Eastern drums, or dance, or hip hop, or rock and roll, or gospel. That seems like an awfully eclectic collection of works to put on one album.

UPDATE: It went a little better on my way home. I was initially getting pings of 2300 ms from but eventually they settled down to fairly decent levels for browsing, e-mailing, and chatting.

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