One Song in the Works

Maybe it’s not the crazy hard industrial techno with haunting female machina vocals I wanted to produce but I am incredibly pleased to share that Crystal and I worked out a song last night. She came up with the lyrics and basic structure while she was doing the dishes. I plugged in my keyboard, fired up my mixer and monitors, and started up Cubase and we were able to work through the verses, chorus, and bridge. Yes! Nothing has been recorded or anything… but we’ve got the chords, lyrics, and basic idea of the song worked out.

We’re working on tracks for a Christian rock/pop project we’re thinking of. It’s awesome to get some traction on this. We’re toying with the name Valley Avenue. Still not sure if that’s the album or the group. We’re sort of in discussion stage.

I’ve got an old Behringer B2-Pro microphone a friend gave me a while ago. I’d like to upgrade that to something like the R?de NT1-A. Also, I’ll need to get a pair of headphones like the AKG 271 and get an ART 4 headphone amp so we can start recording together. My office will definitely need some acoustic treatment. The vocals sound like they’re coming from inside a box right now.

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