Exploding Ass

I was running late getting home and caught the last train South yesterday. I was 15 minutes early and walked into the first car marked with wi-fi access. Sounder car 409 smelled like someone’s had their ass explode in the toilet. It was horrible. I walked upstairs thinking it’d vent out eventually or perhaps get better when we started moving.

After 5 minutes of suffering and seeing people move in and then leave the car I decided it was too much. I packed up my bag and moved down one to the next car. OMG, to my surprise same exact thing. Slightly different but obvious that yet another car was filled with the stench of someone’s lunch time exploits.

I entered this car and left immediately and made my way to the next car. Success! And it had wi-fi access! Amazing to see three cars in a row with wi-fi on the Sounder.

Now I could browse Zzounds.com and check out the Android SDK.

I suppose I should apologize for the gross subject matter but I had to share. Public transportation has its moments!

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