Nice Weather Out

I am enjoying the heat. This week it’s been in the mid to upper 90s. Sure, it gets hard to even sit without drawing a sweet… but I am tired of all the people bitching about it. Seriously, every Facebook and Tweet as of late is about how hot it is. Enjoy it! Perfect pool, wading, and water weather! I am not trying to sound self righteous or anything… because I will happily talk about it with people but I just wanted to point out how it’s the only thing people are talking about!

In their defense, though, this kind of heat isn’t usual around here. These are the kind of temperatures East of the Cascades or a bit South. Crystal and the kids are trying to stay cool; the kids are down to diapers and underwear. We’ve considered buying a portable air conditioner…

UPDATE: Apparently it’s hit a record high for our area… 102° F.

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