A Little List and Stuff

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve done a list type sound off:

  • The city is full of smells but it generally smells bad. The smell of ass is a repeat offending odor.
  • People complain about everything even about things that are meant to address their previous complaint. Example: long, cold winters versus hot summer days, pot holes versus the construction.
  • Costco kicks butt and I am grateful we have two to choose from.
  • If someone or something is important enough to you, you’ll make the time to hang out or do it.
  • Kids are an endless source of a wide range of emotions and destruction.
  • Build a computer for someone and you are now responsible for it unless you want to tell them off.
  • I won’t shop at Nordstrom but the Rack and TJ Max have some fine clothes if you are willing to shop.
  • “Classy” happens a lot but it’s not a good thing.

We recently acquired a new bed. I admit that the $100 frame from Ikea has lasted us quite a long time and it’s actually really sturdy. We’re going to store it until we move to a bigger place where we can use a spare bed. The new frame is quite nice being of solid wood rather than steel. Eventually I’d like to replace the chest of drawers and night stand with something in a similar fashion.

I’ve ordered a new box for my subwoofers. I’m going to sell the old box and transfer 2 subs to it. The third I’ll keep as a spare. I still need a wiring kit and a capacitor but all in good time. The one thing I will have a hard time finding is the gain control knob that Phoenix Gold used to carry. I’ll check with Car Toys and see if I can get one there. It’s really handy to have instead of having to change the amplifier output via the deck.

I’ve been walking from work to the train station every day now. The city has most of 2nd Avenue torn up which makes the usual 10 minute ride into 45 minute stop and go ordeal. It’s only 1.4 miles and I need the exercise so I will continue doing this 25 minute walk unless I get lazy, there’s a downpour, or I’m in a hurry.

We drove through Bremerton yesterday to drop something off at the brother-in-law’s and we were quickly reminded of why we don’t want to live on the peninsula. There were a few moments where I thought that the commute on the ferry would be pleasant, cost of housing, etc. and we quickly shook our selves out of those thoughts.

Like anywhere, there are areas of low and high pride of ownership. Bremerton is a low pride of ownership (LPO) area with pockets of random high pride of ownership (RHPO). It’s odd because once you live out of that area, say, Silverdale or Poulsbo, the PO ratio changes, the cost of housing increases, and yet the job market absolutely blows except if you are in the military, contracting for the military, or are willing to commute to Seattle yet the benefits of the increased cost of housing aren’t really there.

But really that’s all over. Driving through parts of any town: Tacoma, Seattle, Renton… you really run into some “classy” people.

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