Head Hunters: Odd Behaviors

From my experience, head hunters don’t seem to know the difference between words like familiarity and expertise, PHP versus Ruby on Rails; I could go on and on. It leads me to believe that some of them really just look for keywords in resumes. I suppose this could be a good thing but it’s culminated in one heck of strange conversation this weekend.

It’s Sunday late afternoon and I get a call from some unknown number with a crazy area code. Why not answer it? On the other end is someone who has a heavy Indian accent and starts asking me for a few minutes. I tell him to please e-mail me the details as I am with my family and would like to look over things rather than hear about them while I am driving.

He confirms my e-mail address and then starts to talk about the position asking if I have experience in Ruby on Rails and MySQL.

I hang up. Seriously, if people are going to trust head hunters to be my first impression of a potential employer at least find someone who isn’t rude. I know that these guys are working hard and they have no affiliation to the company (most likely). Still, have some decency. Check the resume and ask yourself… is this really a fit or just a grapple to get as many potential candidates in front of their clients? Should I be calling this guy on a Sunday afternoon and then continue badgering him even after he told me to send him an e-mail and that now isn’t a good time?

Come on people.

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