Couple Odd Things

My commute to work today was largely uneventful except two rather strange and funny things I saw. The first was the King Street Station tower’s clock going back and forth in time. It’d go back about an hour and then go forward twenty-five minutes. That brought a smile to my face.

And a few block from work after my short bus ride I see a sign abandoned by a bum recently: “Ninja Squirrels Killed My Family”. I almost took a picture of that one.

We got a chance to visit with Jerry’s folks this Tuesday. It was wonderful to see them as it’s been far too long! As usual, the food was great and because Jerry and Jeanine regularly watch their nephew, child proof and toy friendly house happiness.

Saturday we spent time at the pool and doing other relaxing things. I’d already seen it but Crystal picked up a copy of Watchmen for me which we had to check out. Helen was asleep and Henry, well, we encouraged him to play in his room. Not a child movie at all.

Crystal and I have started talking about doing a music project together. It’s exciting! I’ve gotten some sweet new tracks thrown together for my own work but we sat down at the piano and worked out some cords. I am looking forward to sharing what we come up with.

I’m fairly happy playing Age of Conan here and there but I really would like to get a good console game so Henry and I can play together. Tomb Raider: Underworld was the last one we played together and it was fun to go through the entire game. Daddy and his sidekick. I am thinking about Drake’s Fortune as a potential candidate.

I ordered a new box for my subwoofers last week. My old box was built for 3 10-inch speakers and was built for our old Honda. The Mustang has a smaller trunk because of the larger shock wells. I am hoping to put my sounds together next weekend. I still need to get my hands on a wiring kit and a capacitor.

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