Things Looking Up

Things are looking really good in terms that I will be back on my feet at the end of the month. Actually, they look certain. I would like to thank my friends and family for being so supportive during this time. It was a little freaky to be out like that but fortunately my skill sets are such that it makes me highly desirable.

I got to fire up my new BBQ grill this last weekend for Helen’s 1st birthday party. I tried it on burgers and kielbasa the weekend before but this was an official party inauguration. I like it. It’s a little smaller than the previous one I had but it cooks evenly and the temperature is stable. I miss my Weber I got from Jerry’s dad but I’ve had to store it: the apartments forbid briquette fires.

I have been working on my music again and it’s been fantastic. I have been learning to simplify and tone down my music in terms of depth which has created some fantastic mixes. I’ll share that soon.

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