Take the A Train

I took the commuter train up to Seattle for shits and giggles the other day to feel it out and it turns out the Sounder, as its also known, is actually a fantastic ride up there. It takes about 50 minutes to get from Tacoma. Each station along the route has ample free day parking. I hopped on, rode, and walked off onto 4th where there is a myriad of public transportation to chose from taking you to most of downtown Seattle free. Most of the rail cars have wi-fi, tables, and power outlets. The riders seem a little nicer and less smelly than those on the buses.

But anyway, I just needed to check it out. I have plenty of time to explore my options for getting to and from work. I will miss the vacation but I am looking to the challenges that await me at whatever endeavors I take starting in July.

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