Gearing Up

We dropped our kids off with their grandma and drove up to Southcenter basically doing a bunch of shopping. I usually avoid malls like the plague but this one has been fairly remodeled and the selection is fairly vast in terms of things to check out and see. After that we hit up several clothing stores so I can add some things to my wardrobe. I really don’t care to spend money on clothes but with the upcoming position and general distaste of being called “stained t-shirt guy” it was time.

I am a bit tired. It was a lot of walking and stuff.

Henry and Helen are doing well. Henry is constantly surprising us with his quick learning and catching on. It’s a good idea to go through and remove things we don’t want him finding. We’ve done some preliminary things but he’s now moving chairs and things around to get what he wants. He’s my little buddy and we play with his stuffed Diago toy; pretending, hiding, and crawling.

Helen is walking and being a handful for sure. She loves to climb more than Henry ever did. She’s frequently trying to scale the dining table and whatever else that is a challenge. She’s been pretty grumpy and she is still not sleeping through the night. That makes it hardest on Crystal since she’s getting up those times. On average she gets up about 3 times a night. Henry has been sleeping through the night since about 1.

Of course, Helen just turned 1 so she might finally start sleeping through the night soon. Her favorite things to say are… da da da da, ma ma ma ma, and ba ba ba ba.

It’s cute.

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