Sunny Days

It was a marvelous weekend. In the end I bitched a lot about how it was over so quick but we had a stellar time. Saturday I went to my parents’ place and took them to the pier to get on their cruise ship. They’re going to Alaska for a week. I got home and took the kids to the park and my folks’ place for a picnic outside. That evening I worked on my music.

Sunday we went to the beach and I got a chance to cast a few times at Point-No-Point. The weekend before someone we know caught a flounder. All I got to bite was a bullhead. We didn’t get home until around 11. Helen, curiously enough, is afraid of sand but Henry embraced it and loved running in and out of the water.

Oh, I did manage to swing by and check out Hans’ German Sausage & Deli in Burien. They have a bigger store with what seems like more selection but honestly it didn’t have the same friendly atmosphere as the place at Pike’s Place. Their blood sausage isn’t as good either. On the other hand, they happened to have more shelves stocked with jams and other sweets and canned goods the place in Seattle had far less of.

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