Memorial Weekend FTW

It was a much needed 4-dayer. I took Friday off as well. The family came along to my parents house on Friday for a picnic/car wash fest. Crystal would beg to differ but it was nice to be outside. We watched a movie that night. The next day I picked my parents up from their cruise. We got home and they had locked themselves out of the house. We met up with Crystal’s mom for lunch and I got a chance to work on my music. Sunday was a church day where I ended up getting ask to work on some computers after the service. I cleaned my computer out that night. It was starting to make noise. Lot’s of dust. Monday we took the day easy. We went and did some quick grocery shopping and then my folks came over. I helped my dad pick through their pictures from their Alaska trip.

The “diet” has been going well. Crystal and I have lost thirty pounds collectively. I think we’re down to losing about a pound a week now. It’s been really refreshing to slowly add in whole grains and some fruits. I don’t crave sugars and fats as I used too but occasionally I’d like to ravage a bag of Doritos. I gather my will and move on.

Work has been immensely stressful. I have been working on the various projects I have been assigned but things keep shifting around.

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