Henry is Now Three

It was Henry’s birthday recently and it was a nice, simple celebration. Momma made a cake with milk chocolate icing. My mom came over and we talked and watched him open a few gifts. It was nice to see him so excited. I feel an urgency to see my children play outside. I feel like the weather around here keeps us indoors a lot. But regardless, he loves cars so I got him a few Matchbox cars. Crystal picked out a Diego play set.

Helen’s been whiny. I think its a combo of teething and just that age for our little girl. She and Henry now wrestle and play together which is amazingly cute to watch. Henry is a little rough at times so we intervene accordingly.

A lot of folks call it the terrible twos but I think we’re in agreement that it’s more like the terrible threes at least with Henry, anyway. He’s pushing out to determine his boundaries. It’s also testing our disciplinary methods.

We’re on our second week of our so called South Beach diet. We’ve both lost some weight which is encouraging. I am really enjoying being reintroduced to vegetables. I feel like I’ve been eating much better than I have in the last 10 years. It’s more expensive to eat healthy, we’ve found. Vegetables, although cheaper, you have to buy in much larger quantity and frequency. Meats have to be leaner. Boxed foods and prepared or semi-prepared foods are difficult to find that have low glycemic values. We’re avoiding sugars, carbs, and fats. My biggest hurdle was switching to reduced fat cheese. I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes.

I changed the oil in my car. That was surprisingly hard. My dad doesn’t have a jack and stands so I had to use these ramps. The floor in the garage is sealed so my car would need a running start to stop from spinning my rear wheels. I had to buy a new oil drain bolt. I bought a matching wrench right then too. I also replaced the air filter. A couple days later I washed it and suddenly I remember why I bought it. It’s a nice car.

The Xunlai Tournament House (XTH) relaunched today. It’s probably one of my more nerve wrenching projects of recent history. You need an active Guild Wars account to log in but once you get in there’s a slick interface where you can drag and drop votes and so on. We’ve put on a short and sweet FAQ explaining what its all about. I hope our fans like it.

Router… Again?

So my previous purchase of router happiness went bad. My celebrations came too soon. When I added a server, wireless devices, and game consoles we started to see dropped/error packets especially on the wireless side. The PS3 would kick everyone off wireless, the dynamic DNS service would disrupt DNS lookups… everything started requiring tweaking and changing to establish a good Internet service at home. I tried for a few days trying to convince myself that this D-Link was worth more than the Netgear I had originally planned on getting.

In the end I decided to return and exchange it for the Netgear WNR3500. I plugged it in, logged in, set up the wireless, DCHP, and other details and we’ve all been enjoying a solid experience. Fantastic. It’s got QoS and all the other features the other one had. I like it when things just work. Especially for the price I paid.

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