Tuning to Tune

Eric Mau has been a tuner for our family for about 15 years. My parents stopped using him after my sister left the nest but today he showed up to tune my piano. Now, it is amazing how many interesting things a piano tuner will have to say about anything regarding the things he’s seen in people’s pianos and what was completely uplifting was to hear that the free piano I got years ago actually turned out to be a pretty darn good piano.

It turns out that my piano wasn’t played much and that the climate in our state is great at preserving such instruments. The fairly steady humidity level here is good for the wood. I smiled as he lightened up and busted out a box of hundreds of broken off ivory pieces. I can now restore all those broken off pieces.

Tuning took about an hour.

While I made him some tea and we discussed the finer parts of a Steinway Concert Grand Model D, I reminisced about a time when Jerry and Josh showed up with a tuning hammer, A-440 fork, and mute. I provided a Strobo-tuner and we got a pretty darn good Kirnberger III (or perhaps Werckmeister?) tempered piano. It’s an awesome story to share: three guys get a bunch of beer and tune pianos to historical temperaments.

The good news is that I’ve moved several times since then and to totally justify that beer driven party we had actually done everything on pitch. Though, I admit, I chose equal temperament this time around. I guess I caved and went along with everyone else.

Anyway, it’s Saturday. I got the porch cleaned. My license renewed. And now I’m going watch Helen while Crystal takes a nap. Later I will run to the store and perhaps this evening I will spend a few hours restoring some keys.

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