So Long Mr. Router

We’ve had our Netgear wireless router for about five or six years. I don’t remember when we bought it but it was some time ago. I mean, we’ve had routers before then. I had a freaking reliable Netgear 614 for a while before that. With getting PSPs, laptops, wireless game consoles, etc. it just made sense to upgrade to a wireless router.

Two years ago during one exceptionally hot summer during our first year in the Bremerton house before we bought an air conditioner my wireless router would drop connections. It was over heating. Once the AC was installed we didn’t have problems in the couple years since then. Starting Thursday of last week it started dropping connections on all devices. It was horrible. How dependent had we become on all our wireless devices just working!

After plugging my main machine directly into the modem and seeing that I was no longer having trouble I decided to get a D-Link DGL-4300. I had it shipped next day from Amazon. Last night I hooked it all up and I am very pleased. The logging is better. The connections are stable again. It was QoS functionality built in. It took me a little while getting accustomed to the D-Link terminology. Netgear keeps the defaults and naming conventions similar to their business line.

Anyway, it’s great. I hope to get a good, long service life out of this new router.

Also, I went over to Jerry’s house last night and helped as he put together a nice new machine. I am quite envious! 3.16 GHz Dual Core Intel with a monster nVidia 260 video card. The motherboard and other components are all high quality. It’s a solid machine which I think he’ll get some good use out of. And this time he’s got an actual surge protector protecting his system: bonus!

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