Reading Up on Music

I guess I am going to blog about my journey to create some music. There is so much to learn that it will probably be a 100 part series. I need to clarify my goals I suppose. I want to create a home recording environment which can handle voice and instrumental recording. I would like a completely digital environment centered around my computer so I can hypothetically create music without ever taking my hand off a mouse. I want to be able to use a keyboard to play various riffs and melodies.

These is a fairly loose set of goals but I think it is good to figure out what and where you want to be. I think I am almost to a point where I can start building tracks but let me tell you how I got there.

I dove into all sorts of online and periodical literature. Electronic Musician is the premier home recording studio information encyclopedia. Along with the main title, you also get EQ magazine and other special publications that come time to time to give you insight into various aspects of recording. Online I would type various keywords into Google search to find related topics to what I am trying to create. “How to make trance” is a world of wonders. There are many cryptic and uninformative trolls out there but once in a while there is a jewel for this stuff. is one of them. Their forums are packed with just about everything imaginable.

Of course, then I loaded onto my computer a couple pieces of trial softwares which are used in the world of music creation. My previous computer was sufficient but I believe that its aging specifications shown themselves when trying to make full use of the music software. All the reading I have done has made choosing between these marginally easier. You have many choices and they all do about the same.

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