Bellevue Square Mall: Endangering Mall Employees for Shoppers’ Benefit

Any trip to any mall during the holidays and you will see countless cars cruising the aisles of parked cars hoping to catch that leaving customer or even better; an empty spot. You know where employees that work in this shit hole have to park? A few blocks down away from the premises. Excellent news for all those employees leaving carrying their night deposits.

Oh, and get this. They won’t make any exceptions. If you live really far away and need to rush out to catch a ferry every night they still make you park off site. If you miss the 12:50 ferry from Seattle to Bremerton you have to drive around.

What happens to employees that repeatedly park on premises? They tow your f-ing car. Yeah. So anyway, I refuse to shop there. I never worked there but I know some folks who have and the crap they went through wasn’t worth serving all the Bellevue bitches and their horrible attitudes towards other human beings.

You might have money but have long lost your souls.

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