A Few Off for the Wifey

Crystal and her friend Heather spent a few nights in Seattle this week. Let me tell you, after having to wake up 4 to 7 times in the middle of the night to get Helen back to sleep I miss her! Well, actually, I miss her for more then that but wow was this a difficult experience especially since I had to work each day.

Beautiful GirlHelen 10 MonthsRawr!SupermanThe Gorgeous Wife

Anyway, it went well. Henry and Helen were both fairly reasonable during the days. Monday Crystal’s sister watched them for about 2 hours, Tuesday my mom watched them for about 9 hours. Thankfully my sis showed up to give her a hand! Wednesday Jerry and Jeanine watched them for most of the day. Henry was so upset he was leaving their nephew behind he threw a fit all the way home!

During Crystal’s visit to the big city she found a Bavarian Butcher which sold my beloved Hungarian Brand hard salami and… blood sausage. It was fantastic to relieve a little of my youth. I am so glad she thought of me. German blood sausage is the same as the Polish variant minus the barley. Man, it’s so nice to have found a supplier that is locale!

Crystal got some good rest. She says she could have used a little longer. I understand for sure.

Anyway, the above pics are random picks of the kids recently. My gorgeous wife, my beautiful girl, and my handsome little man. Yes, even superman has to clean the toilet sometime!

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