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I’m still getting over this nasty cold I’ve had since Sunday so that could explain my lack of motivation. I just haven’t been up to working on my music, reading, or doing anything more than just the bare things of working, sleeping, and zoning. Once I feel better I will have more energy. I hate this lethargy.

We decided to purchase a new television. We went with Newegg and got a Samsung. We were shopping for a new one for quite some time deciding between Sony, LG, and Sharp. We read reviews; both sponsored and independent, went to several stores and watched them for minutes at a time. It was pretty fun. We didn’t want to spend too much on what amounts to just a television but with the amount of gaming and interest we have in tech we spent a little more and got exactly what we wanted. It’s 46 inches and 1080p. We rented an LG 42 incher a couple years back (gosh rental places are a rip off on some things) which was 720p and even after the long gap in time I immediately noticed the difference on the crispness and clarity of my Xbox 360.

The huge difference has been on the game consoles that support the high resolution. Regular DVDs look fine to me. HDTV is almost necessary now that the screen size makes regular resolution broadcasting look like ass. Blu-Ray does look amazing but I don’t think it adds to the enjoyment of the movies (I got 5 free movies when I redeemed my coupon from Sony).

We finally moved the piano and other stuff out from the old house in Bremerton. A potential closing date on Friday has been set. We’re very anxious to have this finally over and done with. We still have a couple things to pick up: wall shelves, the AC, and a pile of stuff in the garage to take to the dump. Thanks to Nate and Brad for their help. I couldn’t have done this without them.

Oh, and I’m playing EVE again. Thanks to Jerry who apparently recently discovered this game again. It’s been updated a lot in the 3 to 4 years since I last played.

Last night I watch Hamlet 2. At first I was unable to get into the film but as it progressed I think it definitively has cult classic potential. It’s comedic, sarcastic, and parodies things in what could either be extremely intelligent or lame. Overall I enjoyed it. I would give it a “worth your money renting” status or 4 out of five stars or 7/8 out of 10 points. And no, the previews give it no justice.

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