Okay this one takes the cake in recent things I have come across while cruising the Internet. There is a group of people trying to change or abolish adoption. They call themselves something like Americans Against Adoption. Anyway, I don’t really have an opinion on adoption. I see both sides. Yes, the child and mother have a biological link that may someday need to be restored. Yes, the careless mother did not take responsibility for actions that most certainly would create a child. Whatever the case is, I am neutral.

The thing that really angers me is that this site with the American flag draped all over it, the words American and freedom being used here and there are really a mockery to the American way of life. They are encouraging that people petition the U.N. to force the U.S. to adopt a different adoption scheme! Amazing. If you can’t get your city to enact an ordinance, have your state do it. If that fails, go to the federal level. Fuck sovereignty! Go to the U.N. Have them tell everyone what to do. What is it with these people having to impose their opinion on everyone? As if we didn’t have enough trouble battling our dimishing civil liberties, state and even national sovereignty… now we need to battle constant cessession of our values, liberties and rights to globalist institutions like the U.N. and W.T.O. Do you know that congress is chnaging tax codes and other minor things to conform to W.T.O standards? Wow.

Self government is the best government.

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