Festivities Continued

Thanks to Josh, Jerry, and Jenny (followed by Jeanine after she got off work [gee that's a lot of J's]) for coming over and continuing to celebrate my 30th. We went to Track Side Pizza in downtown Puyallup which was actually really good. A bit pricey from what I saw on the menu but fantastic nonetheless.

I’ve sort of fallen out of my creative streak lately as my morale is low and things have just been filled with uncertainty. I’ve been playing a bit of EVE but I really don’t have much time to invest into it. Helen is having another tooth come in which has made her really grumpy the last few days. Henry has been growing and learning too. It’s a bummer for the constant rain, though, and now that I have kids for whom I wish a pleasant childhood filled with days of playing outside that isn’t quite as fun having to worry about cold, wet, and muddy.

I’ve been trying to grasp and review a bit of Ruby on Rails lately. Sort of a personal side project. Add kids into the mix and its hard to get anything done at home.

Oh, and we have ants. *sigh* It is so gross. We’ve called the management and they’ve already sent out the bug guy but hopefully the bugs will subside. From what we’ve heard these guys are pretty persistent. It’s nothing obvious but once in a while we’ll find a nice little heard moving in the bathroom or on the kitchen counter.

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