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Helen is going to start walking soon. I can feel it in me bones. She is so cute and its so awesome to see the two of my kids together. Henry has my skin tone, momma’s chin, my eyes and body, her ears. Helen has momma’s skin tone, her eyes and body, and my ears. It’s so cute.

We’ve been budgeting, making menus, cutting coupons, shopping around; doing a lot to save everywhere we can. It has nothing to do with the economy but rather a (what I view) as a maturity in our spending habits. We’re looking at things from a budget and savings perspective rather than entitlement. Things aren’t completely dandy. I mean, we still owe for a lot of things we did in the past. It makes for an easier night’s rest.

Apparently Comcast upgraded our area to 16 Mbps and increased my monthly bill $10 without asking me. That annoyed me. I don’t really think we need more than 12 down we get now (honestly, I may be happy with 6 down). Then again, with the multiple T3s we’re running at work going home and having anything but instant response is noticeable.

I build a computer for a friend at church. He wanted fast and I delivered. Now his computer and my work computer out class my home computer! Meh, I don’t really game anymore. If anything, waiting for Cubase to load on my single for Athlon 3800+ is arduous. Anyway, back to his machine I put together a box with an nVidia GTX 260 and an Intel 3.0 Quad core. Holy crap. Seeing Windows XP load in less than 10 seconds and then eat Farcry 2 on max settings was… astounding. It made me…

ROFL, sorry, I just had to share that video. Totally relevant to the screaming computer. :)

Crystal and I have been really excited about getting a new television set. We’ve been eying a 46″ Samsung at Newegg’s website. Which brings me to this: Newegg and shopping online is fantastic. I admit that having stuff appear at your door when you spend so much time working and trying to fill free time with family and creativity makes life easier for me. If you shop smart you can pay less than brick and mortar retail even with taxes and shipping. Heh, my tech savvy audience knows this for sure but I, quite frankly, have enjoyed instant gratification too much to enjoy the wait of shipping. Since we’ve been trying to change that, though, it’s been less of a temptation.

For example, I recently got a Furman power conditioner to protect and improve the power supply to my recording equipment. Guitar Center has it for $59. Amazon has it for $38 plus shipping (under one of the alternative sellers). The ass holes at Guitar Center say they will do price matching but they once tried telling me they need to charge me for shipping and handling plus tax! I’ll only go there now to look at gear.

I’ve been listening to Unter Null and Ayria a bunch lately. I’m sort of in a game/media slump. I’ve been playing SimCity 4 with Henry. My music has been on hold lately. I get home and I am pretty tired. I really want to go out to the zoo and do things with the kids. I think a camping or something is in order. I think we are ready to do that.

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