Well, That Sucked

This last week (towards the end) was horrible. No, my family wasn’t taken to a death camp and slaughtered but both our kids and Crystal got my mysterious stomach flu. Try explaining what is happening to a 2 year old why their tummy hurts and why everything they eat is coming back up and out their mouth. At least with the little guy it was easier to comfort him with some form a back and forth communication. He eventually tired himself to sleep. The baby, on the other hand, would vomit violently and the diarrhea would creep up her diaper and into her clothes. Yes, that sucked.

Saturday we recovered enough to drive kitty to her new home near Poulsbo with Nate’s parents. They seemed like nice people and I think she will do well there. Sure, if things go bad I will be happy to go get her but it seems like they like and understand animals so I think we’ve found her a good home.

Sunday we went grocery shopping. I am still trying to figure out why cheddar cheese costs $10 and why extra sharp runs $15. The concept of inflation makes sense but with a depression upon us now we’re just getting milked. We stopped by Fred Meyer and found a TV stand we liked and bought it. It had doors, was of wood, and was a good height for a TV set. It’s not quite deep enough, though, so I may have to cut a hole in the back behind the receiver. We’ll see. We’ve been looking at stands for about a month and we’ve seen so many it was nice to finally find one that works.

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