Water Recede; Moving On

So yeah, the water from last weeks potential flood receded and nothing much to talk about there. My folks left for Antarctica so I will be swinging by their place to check on the cats and stuff. I hope they have a good time for its probably the first vacation where I question their sanity during the time when they decided to go there. I can definitely see the appeal especially during their “tour the whole world and see everything” kick as of late. I get to pick them up when they get back so I am sure I’ll get to hear all about it. I went to Costco with my parents, before they left, and helped them pick out a digital SLR so they don’t have to keep borrowing mine. The Nikon D60 will be quite adequate for their purpose. I also helped pick out a laptop for my sister. She really needed to connect to the digital world so hopefully she’ll be online more often. We’ll see.

Nate’s son was born this last week. Check out his post about it. He and his wife are both very tired. We congratulate and wish them the best. Every kid is different. We mean well when we try and bestow our knowledge and advice to them but its all hard to gauge if it helps folks. The little guy will grow fast. Helen started crawling and pulling herself up on New Year’s Eve. Now she’ll crawl around the house. The smiles I get when she sees me break my heart. I love my family!

I just had a couple awesome break throughs on my music production. One example is watching music videos or listening to cuts and trying to reproduce the sounds and rhythms. I was listening to Armin van Buuren‘s “In and Out of Love”, for example, and worked out most of the beats and sounds. Sure, some of this more pop techno or trance has some elementary writing but its definitely an ok place to start. I really like the vocal work on that track. Sharon den Adel‘s voice is marvelous.

Another break through is figuring out how to make direct monitoring work. Basically, when you record singing the singer needs to hear their own voice. It’s really hard to record your own voice with a pair of headphones on while recording. So you directly monitor the voice as you are recording it. That way the singer can adjust their voice while they are singing. I was really struggling to get that to work because routing all the signals through mixers, sound cards, software; there are a lot of places that might be set.

Another cool thing I figured out was setting my brother-in-law’s MIDI controller, the Axiom 25, to also control his DAW. I have the 61 so it wasn’t hard to transfer some knowledge to his unit’s configuration. However, once plugged in, you can set the keyboard up to control various functionality from buttons on the unit like rewind, fast forward, stop, loop, play, and record. Like I mentioned, I got the Faderport to do this and more for me but it was cool to have another bit of expertise under my belt.

I’m man enough to admit I like some musicals. Recently I enjoyed Moulin Rouge! and Phantom of the Opera. I just found an interesting concept for a rock opera in Repo. I haven’t seen it; only reviews and trailers… but I am intrigued. It could be complete garbage. It’s headlining Sarah Brightman so perhaps it has hope. Basically the premise is that in the future folks are indebted to a company which does plastic surgery and transplants because of some cataclysmic event. Very dark.

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