That’s a Spicy Soup

My tree feel over. This medium sized silver pine which has stood outside my window for, well, longer than I have worked here, finally succumbed to the forces of nature. It’s roots held strong but it broke in the middle and is now laying over on its side. In it’s absence I have a slight view of the freeway. The real jewel, though, is my new friend (I think it is a heron) who sits on the same broken branch across the slough every day. It is comforting to see him there. He looks back and forth occasionally during which point I entertain the notion that he acknowledges my existence. Then he fluffs his wings and buries his beak under his wing. Good night good neighbor.

We had Szechwan Chef today for lunch. It is a Chinese version of fondue. It’s quite good and we all decided to get spicy. The waiter looked at us like we are crazy. I now understand why. My feel really uncomfortable. Spicy going in, spicy going out. Now I wish I had said something and we had gotten only half of the pot (it’s split into 2 parts) spicy.

I am coming to the end of my project and have made some great progress. Some of the more difficult problems I had I overcame. There are still a couple little nuisances but I think with a little effort I can probably over come those. In JavaScript I have been fascinated with navigating the DOM. I can see how powerful JS can be.

And now for some Zombie Girl: Go Zombie.

I get a good laugh out of that one. I’ve been working so much lately that I am really tired. I have little chunks of time here and there for other things but right now I am trying to push through this darn thing. I ordered a router, a switch, and several cables for our church. They need help wiring up to bring their office into the now. We’ll see how that works out.

I’m kind of tired of how politicized things get sometimes and I am weary of the upcoming 4 years. A while ago I would have pegged Obama as a moderate but as the inauguration comes closer I hear things like legalizing stem cell derived from murdered babies research, late term unborn baby murder, closing Guantanamo Bay, etc. which seem like strange things to get done immediately. Those things are irrelavant in terms of creating jobs or solving the problems we are having. High tech industries aren’t hurting and if they close Gitmo the government will just create another place far more secret with even less of a chance people will hear about it. I fear times when everyone gets behind something like “stimulating the economy” or “fighting terrorism” or “save the environment” or “bring morals back into society”. Sure, perhaps each of those have their merits but when folks pick one they seem to always discard the others.

Another thought I have is how many companies really have to really lay people off and are just using the economy as an excuse to cut costs to increase profit. As our nations liabilities ebb to $100 trillion dollars, it boggles the mind how crazy is this infinite loop of printing money and spending it before the ink dries the paper enters the press. No, a democrat president eliminating the wall between corporate and mortgage debt has no burden of blame. No, 60 years of psycho credit spending of which we all partake isn’t to blame. We’re just headed to our own Roman Colosseum. Give the people a little to ease their hatred. Blame Bush. After all, only Republicans do bad shit.

I did my taxes this week. I hope to see some money back soon. We’d like to replace our TV. Our old 22″ tube is starting to flicker to black. I have found a 42″ LG 1080p LCD for a good price at Newegg (elsewhere as well). I am debating whether or not 120Hz is worth what seems to be quite a bit more. I also have looked at Samsung but they cost a little more. The choices.

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