Jerry Gets Married!

We had just been rounded into the gym and I believe we were being introduced to our new PE teacher and class. I sat down next to a kid that seemed neutral. He wore glasses and modest clothes. Someone who wouldn’t punish my existence with asinine remarks or retarded pubescent behavior. A few moments later he turned to me and said something like, “Those basketball hoops, they look like deep fryer baskets huh?”. I met Jerry in 1992 at the start of my 7th grade at Edgemont Junior High School in Edgewood.

From those beginnings we shared a lot of fun memories. I remember coming over to the duplex he and his parents were living in, sitting on the edge of his bed, eating “sub chips”, drinking “sub cola”, and watching him fire up first his Franklin PC, then his Pentium with a Hercules orange and black monitor to play games like Spacewar and later Drakkhen. We spent many days playing Nintendo and Super Nintendo where we adventured with Mario and other favorite characters.

We enjoyed summers filled with BBQed chicken, smoked venison, and watching movies from Star Wars to Hunt for the Red October. As the years progressed so did our friendship. We met other friends like Josh and Dane over the years. We all left our homes after high school and did our own things. I moved with Crystal to Bellingham. We found entry level jobs doing entry level things. Still, we all remained friends.

That was ten years ago. A couple years ago Jerry met his now wife Jeanine while working at Fred Meyer. I had the privilege of being a best man at the wedding which was in the Tacoma area on July 19th. It is amazing how time flies, people change, and new things occur to us. I bid the two of them the best wishes. My impromptu toast was meaningful but I wish I had prepared a little better. His words were incredibly sweet at our reception a few years ago.

Crystal and I both enjoyed the wedding even with Henry rambunctiously running around being a two year old. Thank you you two, I sincerely wish you the best.

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