Secular Fundamentalism: A Religion

Everyone has their viewpoints regarding everything. I respect that. Over time and especially in software I see opposing viewpoints that are fairly extreme but one of the trends I see lately is this phenomenon Secular Fundamentalism (SF). I suppose it, in my view, represents this will to completely remove all spiritual or faith references from all of public society. Just as fundamental Muslims are intolerant of infidels, secular fundamentalists are intolerable of anything religious or spiritual nature. Labels are terrible because they over generalize people into simple, easily categorized groups. For that, I apologize.

It’s not in the name of anything just such as equality that SF seems to spread it’s word around the globe. Rather, it is this desire to not acknowledge the varying opinions and views of the global populations and their heritages. SF claims it is the most noble view because it is the most neutral as if to say believing in nothing is the most publicly viable view point. It has a history of (fairly successfully) suppressing all other religious or spiritual views points. By completely removing all our spiritual appearance from public view we are lead to believe this will create the most tolerant of societies where everyone can believe what they want as long as they don’t tell anyone else about it.

And if the “conservatives” in our country are being toted as the representatives or Judea-Christian values, then “liberals” in our country are toted as those who are most willing to progress this SF agenda (I use quotes since the meanings of these words have been completely misconstrued). To one extreme there must be an opposite. The hope is that these extreme opposites will meet somewhere in the middle and a popular result in policy will occur.

But this isn’t the case. The case is that a vast majority of our population is concentrated in urban areas. Urbanism spawns not liberalism in forms of personal responsibility. It creates socialism in that everyone must forgo a little bit of their rights, beliefs, etc. to accept living in such a concentration of population. Living in such areas creates an illusionary crutch on which individuals rely on for security and stability.

Further, this establishment degenerates moral absolutes because in a system where every person must have equal consideration; the median is mediocrity. This cycle continues through the ages until society becomes a free-for-all where the most undesirable attributes of humanity are rampant. We have seen this sort of social degeneration before. The Romans are a wonderful example but there are others.

SF is yet another religion that bears a cloak of freedom and understanding but underneath it is just as repressive as other fundamental belief systems.

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