More of the Same

I worked from home today. Crystal had a day off and I wanted to be around them. It was nice. Ever since our company upgraded to some much faster network (something 16) VPN has been much more workable. Let’s see: I am making some tabulated data localized drawing from XML and databases to properly translate pages. Oh, and I wrote a cool XML to database import tool in C# where I finally understand the connection to a database much better than before. Make sure, when connecting, to specify the encoding! The last example is in C#.

mysql_query("SET NAMES utf-8");

mysqli_set_charset($link, "utf8");


myConnection.ConnectionString = "database=myDB;;user id=myUser;pwd=myPass;Character Set=utf-8";

That was a forehead smacking moment. :roll:

After I got done working Crystal and I went grocery shopping. I bought a steak and for her I made a chicken sis kebab. Her food turned out awesome. I however, have come to the conclusion that I do not like rib eye steak. The meat, although soft, is just too rich for me. Wow, I can’t believe I am saying this. Anyway, I am all confused and stuff now. What is happening to me?!

Crystal and I went to some Italian place in downtown Seattle. It was all right but the lasagna was over powered with the flavor of mushrooms. After that we saw Transformers. It was a fun movie. We both really enjoyed it. It was funny in parts and great to see the childhood show back in full force as a high budget “super smash hit action blockbuster monkey movie”. Henry stayed with Candice during those few hours. It was a glorious way to spend our anniversary.

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