Let It Snow!

It’s snowing and it’s a beautiful thing. Fife started out kind of light starting Wednesday but with the weather folks warming us of the impending snow apocalypse our work told us to work from home. It ended up not really snowing much that day but today we awoke to a good layer only to have more come down.

Crystal and I took the kids for a walk in the snow. Henry really enjoyed playing and running in it. I have been working as much as I can from home intermittently helping with the kids and cooking up meals. It’s so nice to be home.

I went over to Crystal’s brother’s house to drop off some vitamins for her grandma. He’s working on some tracks and it’s great to see him getting some new sounds. I see a lot of myself when it comes to making music, though. “If I just get this piece of equipment I can do this,” we often say. Probably the wisest thing I have heard him say is to stick to your own sounds and ideas developing them and making them more mature.

Anyway, id things keep up, we’ll probably have a 5 days at home. If snow keeps up I’ll be home next week too putting me back int he office after the new year. I really need to finish some integration of the PEAR::MDB2 library into my project. I just set up PECL::Memcache which is a wonderful step out of using the disk (or MySQL) to store sessions.

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