*delete*… Oh Snap

So I was recently cleaning up my computer inspired by the recent acquisition of an external terabyte drive when I selected the wrong partition to delete.

*pause for mourning*

Fortunately I backed up the important stuff like family photos and movies but things like the last twelve year’s worth of MP3s, software, and other things… well, unrecoverable. How does one recover almost 300 GB of stuff?

Anyway, it was kind of like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders actually. Here I had almost 300 GB of stuff I didn’t have the time to go through and prune and in one fell swoop that chore is done. So anyway, I’ve reinstalled Windows and have been meticulously reinstalling various software to suit my needs. And now for this month’s ridiculous guilty pleasure song Lady Gaga’s song Poker Face:

I guess it’s about time to see the 80′s creeping back into fashion from what little I know about the subject.

Until my computer rebuild, I’ve been having a lot of fun putting together some music. I am really learning a bit about recording and mixing. I have recently thought about improving the acoustics in my room as well as getting a pop screen for the microphone.

Christmas was a fun filled gathering of family which I really enjoyed. It was quite liberating to not participate in the usual avarice that we seem to succumb to but I suppose it was bound to happen with children. Now we just spoil them. :)

As I previously mentioned, I made Czech dumplings and they are now consistently turning out fabulously. I am really happy I have learned how to make that but now I want to learn how to make my mom’s borscht and pirogi. That, my friends, is some freaking good stuff.

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