Having 5 days off to unwind has been wonderful. Henry has been growing and talking more and more. He is putting together, although at times hard to understand, entire sentences. It’s such a joy to have my little dude run up to me, give me a hug, and then go off about his drawings. He does do things he shouldn’t at times. When I caught him on my desk pulling out the drawers and snooping he looks at me, puts up his hand, and exclaims, “Go away!”

Helen is starting to sit up on her own. She sticks out her little tongue and gives me big, beautiful smiles. She has been growing and learning how to hold things.

Last night I learned some more about tweaking my recording set up. On the mixer you can add channels to add to the recorded mix. Well, I was thinking that the channel for the input from the computer was for monitoring only but I was inadvertently also adding the output of the mix to the new track I am laying down. D’oh! I fixed that in a jiffy by unmuting that line. The volume of the mix is now controlled, as it should, by the control room knob but I its turned way down and is still fairly loud.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I recorded Henry and my conversations which are so much fun… Here is a typical transcript:

Me: Henry, where is mommy?
Henry: Mommy is watching her show.
Me: Do you like to play in the park?
Henry: Park! *unintelligible*

Perhaps I will post some of these interactions soon.

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