Installing Apache, PHP, MySQL

You know, I won’t regurgitate a length post on this topic because there are so many other ones out there. I just wanted to jot down some little snags I ran into while installing these onto a Windows XP system. Of course, you know which order to install them in… Apache first, then PHP and finally MySQL. PHPMyAdmin if you want to. Now to install Apache, you simply download the executable from the website and go. I did the custom install because after doing some digging and trial and error, I found that c:\apache is the best place to install this to. No directories with spaces and other software seems to be set to default to this configuration.

After this comes PHP. Now this is a little bit of a chore. First off, do not use the installer. Use the .zip and extract all the files to a c:\php folder you have created. Now the juggling between the php.ini and htdoc.conf begins. Oh and you will become intimate with the Windows path. I would have the php.ini file in your php directory. That makes it easy to find.

Next install MySQL. This is pretty automated and you simply click through the automated install. Now you will have some more hopping around to make PHP and MySQL place nice. You will probably need to uncomment some lines in te php.ini file. Everytime you make any changes you will need to restart the Apache server.

For MySQL to work I added to my php.ini file:


Finally, you may wish to install PHPMyAdmin. I think its a great software to manage MySQL. In your c:\apache\htdocs directory you will install the utility. You will probably need to play around with MySQL users and such to make things work. I remember I had to add a line to the php.ini file, create a user for PHPMyAdmin to use, and then find some web app install utility that helped me configure the utility.

For PHPMyAdmin to work I added to my php.ini file:


I tried to install PEAR on the machine ut I have had no luck. I ran the install batch file and everything seemed to work. I even changed the Windows path. I will definately try until it works. In the means time I was able to start developing on a machine that closely resembles the company’s development production environment. I think I still need to set some runtime configurations but that’s about it.

Now one last thing to mention… PHP and Apache do not like to work together on Windows XP. There is a DLL that is bugged and half the time it won’t allow the server to start with PHP. I had install this library and small patch to make them work together. Apparently this is only a problem with PHP 5.x and Apache 2.x.

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