Goodbye Useless, Hello Useful

I decided to sell my Kindle last night at midnight. It was pretty spontaneous for me. Here I have this device that’s going for over $400 on eBay and for some reason I have been hanging onto it adding yet another thing to pile onto my golden alter of gadgetry. It was an interesting thing to have and I think I’d appreciate it more if I was riding public transportation for 2 hours each way.

Anyway, I used Craigslist and everything went really smoothly. I have replaced it with a Faderport, a tasty fried chicken lunch at Popeye’s, and have a bit left over to perhaps save or send to my folks whom I still owe.

I go back to work soon. I dread it even if I like my job a lot. I have gotten to spend a lot of good time with the family and that’s something I will miss.

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