eBook Reader?

We had a fun holiday party from work on Saturday. Nanna stayed home with both kids and Crystal and I got to have a wonderful time having a few drinks, eating some food, and getting some conversation without words like wowwie, poopoo, and treat. Fun times. I love those little guys…

Oh, and if you are looking for an Amazon Kindle and have to wait 13 or so weeks to get one its because our company bought 175 of them; sorry. :) It’s an interesting device but there are some features that need improving. I think it’d really take this to a new level with a fully functional web browser. I’ll give you more as I use it.

Crystal got a really nasty headache/migraine from the wine. It’s probably either the tannins or sulfates in the wine. We’ve found we have no headaches and discomfort after organic wine binges. I know that this particular wine may have been cheap so it was more likely to cause headaches than a more refined non-organic product. We aren’t wine connoisseurs but we’ve found and enjoy Badger Mountain.

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