Still Moving? Nah, Still Settling In

We finally opened an account with Sound Credit Union and have steadily been changing over our mailing address with our various creditors and utilities. We still have a couple stacks of boxes in our office room but the rest of the house is pretty much settled in. We definitely need to get some shelving or get rid of a few extras but nothing crazy. My biggest hurdle is coming home and after playing with the kids and eating, plopping in front of the computer.

Something now from the hard dance genre, How Hard Do You Fuck? (Original Mix) by Dr. Willis:

Speaking of computers… I have been playing a wee bit of Navy Field and have finally gotten to a place where I could buy the Heavy Cruiser Moltke. It has been difficult to play. Up until now the reload speeds of my guns have been fairly fast. Now there is a considerable gap in between shots. This means that I have to stay back, choose my shots carefully, and keep moving away.

I finally went and worked out last night. That was amazing. I used the elliptical machine for 20 minutes and then I did some weights for 10 minutes. I know it’s not a lot but I am trying to take some baby steps. Another thing is that I started to work on my music too. I’ve been waiting to do this kind of stuff until after the kids go to bed which gives me about an hour every night to myself and/or with Crystal.

At work I’ve been working on consolidating several virtual machines into one running VMWare’s ESXi. To accomplish this I had to use virtual hosts and some nifty Apache prepending of some PHP code to change the includes directory path. With that the web development server box will become a preview machine, a host for various company wide projects, and a web database server. Next I created a VMWare Player instance to run on my local box with a Samba share enabled to which I will sync my Perforce repository to. The next step will be to integrate a deployment scheme using something like Capistrano. I created a pretty neat deployment script at my previous employer so it is good to move in a direction that employs rollbacks and a build type deployment.

I’m also checking out Symfony and PEAR since it’s clear to me now that I need to use things like that (frameworks/libraries) rather than trying to reinvent the wheel with every new thing I write. It’s a total duh moment for me but I think developers need to get to this place where key concepts are solidly understood before using things like this. The biggest complaint I have is that here we are doing all this bad ass shit only to eventually (90% sure) be using C#/ASP.NET. Not that those aren’t completely awesome and I am unstoppably willing to learn something new but I hesitate on whether or not they are the best choice given the popularity of LAMP based system for lots of major projects. In our interviews I have gathered that C#/ASP.NET developers seem to lack a broader understanding of underlying architecture and have a general lack of desire to develop independent projects both for web and otherwise. This isn’t a generalization but an observation I have made with the small sampling of people we’ve interviewed.

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